Biryanchi, from the Bay of Bengal to the Bosphorous Bridge and Beyond

Biryanchi the name is immediately understood.

Dear Reader, I’m stoked to share with you, the print ready version of my very first physical product launch campaign. 

the idea is to distribute a fictional newspaper to launch Biryanchi, the best chicken rice and spice on the earth. 

the brand name is semantically transcendent of languages spoken form the Bay of Bengal to the Bosphorous Bridge and Beyond, the region where Biraynchi is eaten. 

the brand tagline is “makes you happy”

about the brand. 

the brand is inspired from McDonalds, the Biryanchi cooking process is completely hand-off, can very well be automated by a robot. The recipe is set and the process does not require, in essence any human intervention. For those who understand subcontinental cuisine, this is a big deal, since subcontinental cuisine is among the most complicated on earth. If there was 1 culinary curiosity which could be automated, Biryanchi would be the easiest one to do. 

the brand is also inspired from RedBull, Biryanchi is in a way performance food, (not for the lactose intolerant) since every portion contains 200gms of high quality hormone free yogurt. yes, there’s a super successful brand in Pakistan called Prema doing hormone free dairy products. (This might come as a surprise to some, Pakistan is the 5th largest nation on earth in terms of number of people. Also, Pakistan is home to 80% of Punjab, 1 of the leading bread baskets on earth and one of the largest producers of rice on the earth)

the branding is also inspired from Nike, while Nike honours great athletes, Biryanchi honours the Millennial, in a way each millennial is a startup. 

the branding is also inspired from Apple, similarly. 

I’m the first customer of Biryanchi, as my body does not take kindly to gluten or vegetable oils. 

Biryanchi is setting the standard for how chicken, rice and spice is consumed not just in the region this culinary masterpiece is native to, i.e from the Bay of Bengal to the Bosphorous Bridge. 

Rather, for the whole world. 

1000 New Businesses—Beyond The 1 Trillion Dollar Mark

For the full article, you will have to lay your hands on the print edition of Biryanchi Times, a news paper I’m using to launch Biryanchi

Dear Millennial Entrepreneur, Biryanchi Times aims to create not 1, but 1000 net positive experiences. To that end—I will be sharing the 9 Principles of Innovation—which you can use to improve your business.

The 9 Principles of Innovation By Usman Gondal are:

  1. It’s All In The Name <
  2. Discovering the Market
  3. Creating A Category
  4. Becoming Self Advertising
  5. Flowing Downhill—Water Doesn’t Flow Up The Mountain
  6. Loving Your Customer
  7. Creating A Net Positive Experience
  8. Employeeing happiness first
  9. Investing In The Vital Few

Dear Millennial Entrepreneur, by standing by your side and telling your story—Biryanchi aims to create a cascading net positive effect on the world economy by inspiring 1000 new businesses in Pakistan as you and I, the current generation of Entrepreneurs are handed the baton of innovation by the preceding generation of Entrepreneurs.

With each of these 1000 businesses including the one you are building is set to be valued at, at least 100 million dollars With Net Value Creation Set To Exponentially Exceed The 1 Trillion Dollar Mark.

We Must Create New Categories, Design New Products And Fashion New Experiences— making the world more abundant than we found it.

The Story of The Name Biryanchi

People Are Asking How The Biryanchi Name Came To Be And What It Means—here’s The Full Story. Enjoy!

Have you felt, upon hearing a new word—as if you already know the meaning? Oh my God! Yes! This happened to me!

It started in a YC SuS Pakistan cohort discussion when one of
the members remarked—its all in the name —and this sentence started to resonate with me.

It really is, all in the name—I thought.

I think we’re all interconnected—We come with the same semantic dictionary written into our subconscious regardless of the colour of our skin—and all the names which have appeared and all the names which will appear in the future are already in us.

One example of this phenomena is the word Daughter in English, the word Tohter in middle high German and the word Dukhtar in Urdu—you will be surprised to hear this word is pronounced in the exact same way in all three languages. Three different people, three different regions, three different languages—the same meaning.

If an Urdu speaker heard a middle high German say this word—they’ll immediately understand the meaning. I’m sure there’s many more examples like this.

We’re more similar, more interconnected and more alike than we are willing to acknowledge.

Feeling this—I set sail on a voyage of discovery towards the archipelago of undiscovered names—towards a place called the Islands of chi—because Biryanchi has Chicken in it.

As I reached the archipelago of undiscovered names—a strong wind filled my sails taking me around the chi-long bay overlooking the Islands—hearkening me onwards I saw—emerging on the horizon—a beautiful Island—I sailed forth arriving at the Island—making port on the beautiful natural harbour and laid claim to it—Biryanchi—I said.

As I Told More People About Biryanchi—the Name Seemed To Come Naturally To The Tongue—At this moment I knew I had rediscovered a name deep within the human conscience.

I had rediscovered Biryanchi. (Biryanchi Flag)

And thus, Biryanchi was named. This is why we call research, re-search, because it’s searching which exists—in us—all we need is ask for inspiration. To sum it up, your brand name should have 3 attributes.

  1. It should be a word which you think should emerge in the world—with verb potential— a new word to be added to the dictionary—like Biryanchi
  2. It should be semantically intuitive—transcending languages—like Biryanchi
  3. It Should Be Easy For The Tongue To Say, For The Heart to See And For The Brain To Feel—creating a net positive
    experience—like Biryanchi

And thusly is summarised the first principle of Innovation by Usman Gondal—it’s all in the name.

Or perhaps all of this is a post rationalisation and i’m the smitten kid hung up on the girl who called me usmanchi

About The Author: The Author Is A Serial Entrepreneur Based In Islamabad And The Founder Of Biryanchi—he Can Be Reached Via

The Secret Of The Golden Spiral In Advertising—The Ogilvy Dove Print Ad From 1950’s

Study the precedence... it is as if I could hear David Ogilvy say these words as I’ve made a habit of frequenting only the most eloquent, interesting and fruitful conversations on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, I think YouTube will go down in history as an event as significant as the invention of the printing press.

Coming back to the point, as I sat designing the 1 page iOS app for Biryanchi I was reminded of all the successful Ads from Ogilvy.

And what is an iOS app if an advert?

And suddenly the thought came to my mind, why don’t I take the golden spiral and overlay it on the phone screen and design thenceforth? So I took the golden spiral and overlaid in the Ogilvy Dove Ad which contains more suggestion than coherent prose.

The result, speaks for itself.

Designers of yore were good, damn good.

The 9 Principles of Innovation by Usman Gondal

Writing helps, instrumentally.

And inspiration comes at times and places you initially did not foresee.

Especially at the very end of deep work sprints, the time when you feel exhausted, the time when you’ve been literally dreaming every night the same thing—inspiration comes.

As I created a newspaper to launch my latest brand, Biryanchi, the best chicken rice and spice on the earth putting your happiness first.

I wrote about the common themes in all innovative products and services and distilled them down to 9 Principles—writing them down in Biryanchi Times filling the foundation for the book with the same title.

The 9 Principles of Innovation by Usman Gondal which you can use to Innovate and build your business.

  1. It’s All In The Name <
  2. Discovering the Market
  3. Creating A Category
  4. Becoming Self Advertising
  5. Flowing Downhill—Water Doesn’t Flow Up The Mountain
  6. Loving Your Customer
  7. Creating A Net Positive Experience
  8. Employeeing happiness first
  9. Investing In The Vital Few

Hey! Watch the Aluminum Apple—It’ll keep you firmly grounded.

Mom! Watch the scooter! the scooter’s gonna fall over!—said the little girl looking the scooter in the cafe.

No, no it won’t… its fastened up there… with something… replied the mother probably wondering the same thing.

This is how I felt when I first saw the iMac—It felt like it’s going to fall over or fall down sideways.

I think there’s a reason deep within the human preception for this phenomena and it’s got everything to do with space & proportion.


the human brain absolutely detests uncertainty—anything and everything which is not firmly grounded, stable or unable to keep its ground in the face of change alarms us—because it’s an environmental hazard.

The little girl instinctively understood this and announced for everybody to listen and I agree with her.

If you put the scooter down and make it stand on firm ground, the girl would probably like to have a picture taken with the scooter—win win for the cafe and the the little one.

In the same way, if you extend the base of the iMac so the base is 0.618 times as wide as the screen. Instead of startling the onlooker, you will inspire them.

Watch the Aluminum Apple—it’ll keep you firmly grounded. Like the bottom line is keeping the top line firmly grounded.

If Mark Zuckerberg does this—he will go out as the most even-headed entrepreneur in the history of electronic business.

In an outrageous move, Meta could choose to admit this and make the biggest pivot in the history of electronic business by announcing, they will now connect the world physically.

What happens to the brilliant advertising experts at Meta? They ‘get real’—the world needs a new social network, not an electronic social network, a ‘real’ one.

A social network which understands pheromones play the decisive role in connecting the world—(by the way it’s called Starbucks.) In an outrageous move, Meta could choose to admit this and make the biggest pivot in the history of electronic business by announcing, they will now connect the world physically. If Mark Zuckerberg does this, he will go out as one of the most even-headed entrepreneurs in the history of electronic business.

The Power of Analogy

Disclaimer: this post is not nutritional advice—consult a licensed professional before you go on a diet

some context, below is a subheading from the Biryanchi Post, breaking the news of a supermom she lost weight because she ate rice for 5 days straight i.e she cut gluten from her diet

now read the following subheadings

This is easier than keto—and my mood improves so muchit turns me into a butterfly

This is easier than keto—and my mood improves so much

the former has more story appeal than the latter—the former inspires you to think—and what is value creation if not inspiration

Analogies are to normal sentences, what pictures with story appeal are to pictures without

why should you write—because it’s a net positive experience

writing is magical—it clears your thinking, makes you feel light and transfers the weight from your shoulders on to the paper.

all value is created with inspiration, writing is inspires, writing is a net positive experience.

have you observed, every industry associated with writing is recession proof—it’s because net positive experiences create abundance, not recession do—writing is story telling—story telling is value creation—value creation is abundance.