10x Ads by Usman Gondal

Dear reader,

Welcome to the 10x Fb Ads Section on my profile

I’m Usman if your fb ads aren’t performing as well as you’d hoped now at last, you’re at the right place. Finally.

you’re probably sick and tired of hiring “ads manager technicians” who do not understand one simple fact. If it was this easy to “hack” facebook algorithm, facebook would have gone bankrupt ages ago.

you need someone who understands the facebook algorithm better than fb engineers themselves. A tall claim but let me explain…

I understand the principle which facebook uses to make money, and it’s 2 things.

1. facebook will kill your ad and restrict/ban your account faster than you can say “publish” if your ad can’t make the viewer associate good vibes with facebook

2. your ad will get stuck in a dead end alley if you do not know how to effectively target, for which you must become the prospect yourself, fortunately this is a learnable skill

imagine if facebook let bad “ads manager technicians” run ads that made people feel bad WHILE showing sewing ads to 20 year old gym loving dudes

facebook would’ve gone bankrupt a long time ago, right? but it didn’t, last quarter (as of Q1 FY 2023) facebook made about $29Billion Dollars, and in the process it made Billions of Dollars to SMART ADVERTISERS.

now it’s your turn

it’s your turn to join the people who’ve made at least a couple mil off facebook

you see, I can make 5 videos, turn them into an online course and be done with it, but no…

I’m making history… and I want you to be a part of it…

and $29.7 coincidently happens to be number I’m charging the first 100 upwork customers for my fb ads services

why such a fricking crazy price? I’m writing the only book you need to read on advertising and I need latest data

and after the first 100 it will cost you 100x more (about $2,900 to have a chance to work with me directly)

so stop thinking and start taking action towards the profitable e-commerce business that you DESERVE!

…and the first step of which is getting your fb ads dialled in

so grab this offer while it’s still available (you’re looking for the $29.7 offer in the projects sections, my apologies if the queue is full)

P.Sthe $29.7 offer comes with a bonus revenue and profits calculator sheet which helps you figure out how much you gotta spend on ads to make big, fat an juicy profits

here’s the link an you can buy it here now https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01086a869d8fa0f784