why I have decided to start UsmanGondal.com—the Gondal tribe, agrarian land owners and effective executives

because I want to share my thought process, opinions and predictions with the world. 

that’s me photographed by my 5 year old with an iPhone

there’s 5 kinds of wealth a person has

  1. faith
  2. health
  3. finance
  4. family
  5. tribe

    in that order—kind of like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

    my grandfather’s father, used to say—“Son, ask for faith, health and finances”

    his name is Ismaeel and he went in the Second Great War on behalf of the british colonial empire to the Japanese front

    We come from the Gondal tribe—an ancient agrarian tribe on the NorthWestern frontier of Punjab proper.

    Most of our population lives in the Gondal-Bar region, the section of the earth between River Jehlum and River Chenab at the centre is the city of Mandi Bahauddin


    other tribes settled in the Bar are the Ranjha, the Warraich, the Tarar and the Gujjar tribes

    My Great Grandfather’s big brother was named Sukha

    Sukha was a man with the heart of a King

    Whenever Sukha will buy new land, he will distribute it evenly to his three brothers—to this day our ancestral home is named after him.

    1 of the recurring themes of Gondal tribe is we make excellent executives

    Gondal tribe is overrepresented in the the the military, the police and the judiciary

the reason I believe this is, that every land owner is a King in his own right

this means for survival we have to do only the important things and let some fires burn and triage the right fires to put out

which means things like the 80/20 principle is a part of our upbringing

Author: Usman Gondal


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