How much will Clubhouse be worth at 2.75M users: at $62.5M projected profit per month—calculated independent of micro and macro economic cycles

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given the average 34-47 year old, the clubhouse user today 

this revenue cycle will start changing 120-(19+41)+(2021) = in year = 2081

Facebook ARPU in 2020 was about $30 

Clubhouse demographic is a special demographic 

to find the ARPU of this demographic I will 1.6x $30

because growth in nature is not linear, it’s always exponential 

Clubhouse projected ARPU = $49.7 

Facebook operating margin is 45.5%

assuming clubhouse operating margin is the same as Facebook

Average profit per user projected for Clubhouse = $22.75 

According to Facebook Audience Insights tool

The Clubhouse demographic is between 50-60M people. 

At 5% market penetration… 

2.75M total users (Of which top 20% will be very active)

Remember we estimated the average profit per user of Clubhouse per month at $22.75 

I cover monetisation strategy for Clubhouse here:

Estimated total profit per month for Clubhouse = 2.75M * $22.75 

= $62.5M

at 40x Earnings the total estimated Value of Clubhouse will be

= $2.5B


Author: Usman Gondal

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