Why Clubhouse needs a ‘growth-diet’ or it will become Quora for Audio—here’s how to fix it

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Remember Quora? 

It used to be a nice place, at least in the beginning. 

Then it was invaded by an army of “wikipedia bots”.

If Clubhouse wants to win, it must stop the invites and go on a diet. 

Here’s how to fix it. 

Look at the retention curve. 

And dig into data and rank the users on the following parameters:

  1. Listens a lot 
  2. Speaks a lot 
  3. Uses the App within 2 hours of morning and two hours before bedtime

Take the top 20% of the users and find a way to pixel them if the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Clubhouse is happy with it. 

Make an LLA and run an Ad and give the prospect a unique link and ask them to copy it and check back later. 

If the prospect checks back 5 times within 1 week. 

Bring them onto clubhouse with 2 giveaway invites. 

Observe the retention curve again. 

Giveaway 1.6x the number of invites given during the preceding phase.

Keep pruning. 

This will make Clubhouse into an exclusive club. 

It must remain that way if it is to become a net-cash-flow-positive entity.

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