how to design a successful brand—and arrange your legos according to your investment thesis

Note: this episode of the Usman Gondal Show is brought to you by the — Your Morning Fix of Inspiration

design hits a target engineering can’t see — as I set out to design — I am faced with a choice

I will not waste resources on doing surveys when I can just see what’s already working and replicate that, in my own way

so I followed in the footsteps of great artists

I used same colour as BuzzFeed for the logo because they’ve probably spent tens of thousands of dollars on finding the most energising shade of red

I looked at the Linkedin favicon and mashed both up it into a logo

later I found out reddit uses the same hue and even WordPress uses a rounded favicons

it feels good to break things down to their basic building blocks

find out patterns of success

and rearrange your legos according to your investment thesis

an exercise in first principles prototyping

Author: Usman Gondal

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