how to design a website ranking algorithm—my growth strategy for

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there’s 2 ways you will learn something

1st is you find and do what’s worked before and replicate it

2nd is you keep going and learn along the way

the thing with tech is, it has shortened the loop of change across industries

if I start doing seo for—1 it will distract me from the most important thing, creating content

—2 I think seo is an engineering fix on a design problem

Getting your site to top of the search is not an engineering problem

If it were an engineering problem, every time Google changes the algo, your site will still rank on top

many sites keep ranking on top regardless of algo changes

sites like

have you ever wondered why that is?

it’s because—well I have a theory

if I were at designing the Google ranking algo

I will look for 1 thing and 1 thing only

the value visitor is getting from each page visit

I will make every other metric irrelevant

so a person visits a website after doing a search on Google

I will see their return rate to the website, I can do this because I’m Google

since I’m Google I already have the entire internet ranked for emotions

what emotion the user most likely felt after visiting a website

I also have the information what emotion this user is optimising their life around

if I’m Google, I’ll tilt the algorithm in favour of happiness

if person felt happy after visiting a website for a keyword

the algo will rank this web-page higher, not the website

in my algo we only rank pages regardless of the website

the more the happiness, the higher a page will rank

you can’t go wrong with being positive

which reminds me something Chris Voss said in 1 of his interviews

if you zap someone with a positive emotion three times in a row

their entire mindset will change

and the human brain works way better when in a positive mindset

30% better was the number if I’m remembering it correctly quoted by Chris in 1 of his interviews

instead of doing seo which is not a permanent fix

for—my growth strategy for search is making people leave happier than they arrived on my website

that’s value creation

immense, value creation

now you could say this is just a strategy and

Strategy without tactics is the slowest path to victory—Sun Tzhu

kudos to my dad for letting me read all his military book stuff when I was a kid

you are right if you thought of this

well, I’ll admit I need some sort of tactics to speed up this strategic execution

I think I’m going to take the easiest path

Ried Hoffman says Strategy is about doing the easiest most valuable thing first

when Reid speaks about Strategy, I listen to him, intently

the easiest most valuable tactic for ScaleUpDictionary’s growth on organic search will be 3 things

1—make the content so good the people would gladly link to it in their own content

2—release a physical book version of the ScaleUpDictionary

3—create an audio book

the 80/20 of seo has to be the human element

create content so good it makes people happy to share it with others

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