how to leverage biology to enhance team performance

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1 advantage which colocated teams have over remote teams is being together in the same place— this builds chemistry by exchanging pheromones. 

pheromones are the hinges which pull big doors of body language which in turn builds rapport faster and deeper than any amount of mere verbal communication will do

even when a leader is speaking to a thousand people from behind the podium

their body is producing powerful pheromones which are felt by people around them

these people then in turn produce similar pheromones

this is how everyone in the audience can feel the connection to the speaker

which is why even the most famous remote-first companies do regular retreats

Even in all-remote teams, at least 1 meet up per season will be determined as the minimum—soon in future and the hypothesis is biological

with changing seasons, our bodies shift how they adapt to changing temperatures, sunlight and humidity—if a team will meet just before a season changes, as their bodies adjusts to the new season it will have absorbed the pheromonic imprint of the team mates and shall remain with the person till the end of the season, easily.

Author: Usman Gondal

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