the lead domino behind Facebook’s core product value

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Facebook can know how “happy” you feel after interacting with an Ad. 

The happier an Ad makes you feel, the stronger grows the bond between you and Facebook. 

I’m sure you have optimised your feed for only the pages, people and ads which made you feel good. 

Every grain of your businesses’s being must exist to do 1 thing and 1 thing only

to make your customers happier than the minute before they interacted with you business.

If your Ad makes people happy, it will rank on Facebook. 

And it will rank well.

Hence, the essential part of Facebook which makes it valuable is the piece of tech ranking your happiness after interacting with other ads, posts and people. 

Only a handful of people who work at Facebook know exactly what they are tracking & I’m going to guess their secrets.

Let’s say the user clicks on your Ad. 

If visiting your website generated a dopamine response cycle in the user. 

The mood of the user will become elevated and they will come back… 

Come back to the source of dopamine, which is facebook. 

Now facebook is tracking all this and will rank your ad higher as more and more people keep getting happier and happier. 

So the biggest money making part of Facebook is this tracking tech. 

I’m sure Facebook engineers have setup code for touch points for every user cohort which makes them happy.

For now, keep simplifying things and remember, dopamine response is the 1 thing only 1% of Facebook Advertisers understand and harvest massive value.

You should too.

Terms used in this episode.
1.lead domino
2.core product value

Author: Usman Gondal

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