🎧#1 the principle of Semantic Resonance — My Top 2 Biotech and Healthtech Picks for the Future

Note: this episode of the Usman Gondal Show is brought to you by ScaleupDictionary.com — your morning inspiration of Scaleup terms it’s good you should go and look at the terms they’re really nice

mRNA activated procedures are going to be bigger than the internet

in search of great investments I visited the top VC firms and selected only the top 1% of their healthtech investment

determined by a really simple investment thesis

this investment thesis is the simplest investment thesis

even better that of the star principle by Richard Koch

this principle is the meta principle above the star principle

I will call it semantic resonance

I have the belief

all human knowledge which is yet to be rediscovered, is already ingrained in us humans

as soon as we see something, this hash table gets looked up

you might call it intuition

what it really is, is whether an investment prospect resonates with semantics en masse

because if a name of a company resonates with semantics of human population en masse

the mimetic force will very quickly—become irreversible

and the product will blitzscale

all by itself

just because the name is right

this mimetic effect is so strong, it will exert a pull on the founders

on the employees

and on all stakeholders to align with the users

so I’ve found Dyno Therapeutics and Notable seem to have this semantic resonance

Author: Usman Gondal


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