note to self—my list of 47 books

this post is a note to myself, some I’ve read, others I look forward to and some I would like to read again.

1.ibn khuldun muqaddimah
2.tha art of war
3.machiavelli the prince
5.the hard thing about hard things 
6.the alliance
7.the diamond age by neal stephenson
9.things hidden since the foundation of the world
10.discourses on livy 
11.high output management
12.only the paranoid survive
13.toussaint louverture
14.genghis khan and the making of the modern world
15.getting to yes
16.focus the future of your company depends on it
17.22 immutable laws of marketing 
18.secrets of power negotating
19.draft no. 4
20.the wealth of nations
21.the e myth revisited
22.the effective executive to stop worrying and start living to win freinds and influence people
25.the magic of thinking big 
26.snow crash 
27.measure what matters
29.the innovators dillema
30.lessons of history will durant
31.thinking fast and slow
32.super forecasting
33.subliminal leonard mlodinow
34.the true believer eric hoffer
35.hopping over the rabbit hole
36.the fountain head
37.fooled by randomness
38.psychopolitics by jean michel 
39.resurrection from the underground
40.48 laws of power – regular
41.the laws of human nature
42.the 33 strategies of war
43.what you do is who you are
44.7 powers: the foundation of business strategy
45.the 80/20 principle by richard koch
46.letters from a stoic seneca
47.influence robert cialdini

Author: Usman Gondal

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