why gaming is the best team building activity for remote teams because it teaches people to align personal goals with team goals

it’s 8:45 AM and as I write to you, sunlight is bathing me face—this is a blissful and energising experience, we all need more of this

I just read an article on team building for remote teams by David Bizer—David is the first person to recruit for Google in Europe back in the early days and he is a wealth of knowledge on the topic.

The article David shared mentions using Gaming to enhance remote team performance

Games mimic real life scenarios ranging from historical, contemporary and fictional.

they all have 1 thing in common though, team mates align their personal motivations within the game with the motivations of the team

this is about as succinct as the definition of team work gets

thanks to David for this early morning inspiration

Author: Usman Gondal


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