Day 19 on the Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman and Kevin—keep it simple

Kevin Systrom founder of Instagram on the Masters of Scale App

Day 19 on the Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman and Kevin—keep it simple

Big Takeaway #1. using simple tools lets the inner child discover new ways of doing things – the key to unlocking rhymes of history

Big Takeaway #2. “this is one of the things I love about Kevin’s approach to product, he understand he needs to excite the users but he also needs them to tell their friends and if they can’t do that in a single sentence they’re less likely to do it at all so burbn the check-in app become instagram the photo app”

Big Takeaway #3. when you show your product to someone and their eyes light up, you have the basis for your ‘scale product market fit’

Big Takeaway #4. make “single player” feel awesome

Big Takeaway #5. “if you like what you see you too can go do this exact same thing and download this app” – this is multiplayer

This one comes with a chart, a chart to show you how product market fit accelerates to scale product market fit.

Author: Usman Gondal

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