Day 4 of Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman—Whoever cultivates clay, harvests silk.

Day 4 of 
Masters of Scale
Reid Hoffman

– Whoever cultivates clay, harvests silk. 

Big Takeaway #1. Craft the best exp before you scale 

Takeaway #2. Go and meet with your customers, 1 by 1 

Takeaway #3. the conv between @paulg and Brian Chesky

PG: Where’s your business? 

BC: Well what do you mean? Our users are in NewYork 

PG: Go to your users, get to know them, get your customers 1 by 1. 

BC: But that won’t scale for millions of customers your can’t meet every customer.

PG: That’s exactly why you should do it now because this is the only time you’ll ever be small enough so you can meet all your customers, get to know them and make something directly for them. 

What follows is probably the most emphatic exercise in product market fit I’ve come across in any medium.

Author: Usman Gondal

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