Day 7 of Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman & Selina Tobaccowala

Day 7 of  Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman & Selina Tobaccowala

– Blitzscaling with intelligent triage (this is the best episode of Masters of Scale series so far)

Big Takeaway #1. As soon as your users can’t live without your service, you’ve become a mature business. 

Takeaway #2. Have a built in viral coefficient in your product 

Takeaway #3. Being the first “scaler” in a market is more important than being the first “mover”

since this is such an amazing episode, it gets 5 big Takeaways. 

Operational Excellence.

Takeaway #4. Find all points of failure in the system and only fix these.

Takeaway #5. Then find all the bottlenecks in the system and fix them by aligning with core product value.

Author: Usman Gondal

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