What’s common between LinkedIn, Apple, Facebook, Shopify and a Restaurant?—Day 14 of Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman & Danny Meyer – Customers come second

Big Takeaway #1. Danny made Feeling, not Food his guiding principle. If you’ve ever called Apple Support you know what I’m talking about.  

Takeaway #2. Danny has an ability and a desire to make sure people leave a little happier than however they came, thus creating a virtuous cycle. (The core product value of both LinkedIn and Facebook is designed to make you feel better about yourself in your professional life and personal life respectively, the more you use them.)  

Takeaway #3. This virtuous cycle is driven top to bottom, to do this Danny designed his business and let the staff come first, in turn the staff let the customer come first. This “institutionalisation” of happiness enabled Danny to scale to more restaurants.

I think this is one of the reasons LinkedIn, Apple, Facebook and Shopify do so much in keeping their staff happy.

Author: Usman Gondal


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