Ray Dalio told me How to create a portfolio—so I did here’s the 15 bets

Ray Dalio is an accomplished investor, in 1 of his interviews he mentioned how an ideal portfolio will have 15 good bets in distinct industries.

So I made my own.

A list 15 seemingly uncorrelated industries, across which I would like to spread my AUM

1.baby products – because this is the most inevitable thing humans do
2.beauty products – because this powers the most inevitable thing humans do
3.fruits – because they release serotonin which makes people productive
4.meats – because they have b vitamins, essential for doing great things
5.camels and horses – because riding them releases dopamine
6.suvs – same as camels and horses
7.leather – because it is a symbol of status
8.real estate – because it is a vital human need
9.agriculture – because it is the step #2 of the entire economic value chain
10.steel – because it is an essential material for all progress
11.timber – because it is a material of luxury available to all
12.wool – because it is a symbol of status
13.cotton – because it is a basic luxury
14.mrna based healthcare companies – because it will create new economic pathways just like the internet did
15.up and coming mechanical watch brands – because mechanical watches have a historical precedence of being valuable

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