the 10% rule—How to achieve massive product adoption

following is an explanation of the 10% rule by taking the example of The Mentoring Club as a product, learn more about The Mentoring Club by clicking on the given link.

if we take the entire internet as the marketplace

we will basically be competing with linkedin

if 10% of all linkedin users is 25 million 

we will aim to reach that number

but there is a simpler way 

use the 10% rule and reach the 10% inflection point only for one city, Berlin 

let me show you how

if the total number of tech professionals in Berlin is 240,000

10% of this number is = 24000

this number is way easier to hit 

and, after we have achieved this number, we will have in place a strategic plan with an SOP to scale for 1 city 

we will then replicate this for any similar city in the world, let’s say london, paris, sf and so on 

just like uber scaled across cities to reach this number

we will also be able to leverage the prevailing winds

which are blowing in the direction of people wanting to have real world interactions after 2 years of lockdowns

what we need is, 24000 mentoring sessions, which lead to at least 1 more mentoring session

i.e unique mentoring sessions with a net positive experience 

so if we hit this number, according to the cited link, the mentoring club will become the dominant professional networking service within Berlin

either Xing will want to acquire The Mentoring Club outright or Linkedin will start thinking seriously about copying The Mentoring Club features

Author: Usman Gondal

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