How to design a browser to give people some peace—the pivot this browser startup needs

work of Dieter Rams is a classic example of less is more

as I was taking a stroll across the lush green fields of the internet this morning 

I found a company called Mighty – Faster Google Chrome

they say Mighty uses less memory than Chrome

and it streams the browser from a ‘powerful computer in the cloud’

sounds like a nice usp 

it’s for people who like to have tons of tabs open

people who are not minimalists 

I never have more than dozen tabs open

it irks me to have too many tabs open

because it is clutter 

you see, for every open tab, some of your headspace is being filled up

let me help you with this

go and close every tab except for 5 most important ones in your browser right now

you will immediately feel better

it’s biology 

a product in this space needs to be solving the problem by enabling people to claim more headspace

I think this is an engineering fix on a design problem 

and by design here, I mean philosophy of how people should use a browser, not some ‘technological innovation’ 

to get more perspective on this, Rory Sutherland who works at Ogilvy has a famous talk on youtube where he explains this by taking the example of making a train go faster vs making spending time in a slow train a better experience 

here’s Rory Sutherland

the design here should be, (this is the title with a how to) a browser such that people prefer having less tabs open 

since I seem to have proposed the solution, I will have to now suggest an MVF for this 

the MVF will be like so 

if the user has 9 open tabs and they open a new one, the tab they spent the least amount of time on will get deleted automatically 

this is the classic Steve Jobs method i.e users don’t know what’s good for them 

I hope the guys over at Mighty actually end up pivoting in the right direction

because most of the people I’ve seen who like to have a lot of tabs open are not ‘consistent performers’ at their craft

mainly because their head is clogged up with so much useless information which can only go away if they closed the browser tab associated with it

you can do it too

close the extra browser tabs with your own hands

and when you feel better, forget not

to tell others about it

and the best way to do that, is to share this article

there must be a button around here, or just copy paste the url

its really easy

do you know someone who has a lot of tabs open all the time?

Author: Usman Gondal

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