How to take AI to the next level—By Applying Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

I’m on page 23 of Thinking, Fast and Slow and I had to close the book and come here and write

because I think I have stumbled upon a key idea and I want to share it with you

Since all AI systems keep learning really fast in the beginning and asymptote after the natural limit.

1 way to increase response time for AI systems is to filter the fast-thinking and the slow-thinking inputs, this will have 3 key benefits

  1. This will improve software delivery complexity in half – by decoupling the system and engineering teams into the fast-thinking and slow-thinking subsystems.
  2. This will improve computation complexity by moving 80% of the work to one of the subsystems, yes even in AI we see the Pareto distribution
  3. This will allow the creation of more specialised slow-thinking subsystems answering to the fast-thinking subsystem

I have refrained so far from writing about AI because so many people just spray the word with little to no consideration, and today, I write, because this, makes sense.

As for the impact AI is having it is by creating the opportunity to create more abundance

Remember, as the price of energy goes down quality of life goes up, AI is simply reducing the cost of production and logistics which drives prices down so more people can have more things for less ‘money’

So what’s AI got to do with Pomegranates? Abundance.

Author: Usman Gondal

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