How to make AppleWatch battery life infinite—with this 133 year old simple trick how did someone not think of this before?

Mechanical watch reviewer remarks—the alarm function of Apple Watch feels like ‘winding a mechanical watch’

by winding the crown of a hand winding watch, a spiral spring inside the watch gets compressed which then powers watch and makes the hands turn

if people have been charging mechanical watches with their hands for centuries, why not an Apple Watch

all it needs is a micro version of a 133 year old invention

the electricity generator, which converts physical motion of a wheel into electric current

a simple case of rearrange your legos

Apple, why don’t you put a small generator in the Apple Watch and be done with it?

People will love it

and to make the motion enjoyable, you can put a beautiful turbine inside the watch just like 1 of the high end ones GE makes

this will also make for some amazing marketing play (not just the turbines, the fact you can hand wind them)

AppleWatch—human powered

I know the force required to charge the AppleWatch will be at least 5 times more than a mechanical watch

It will be well worth the effort

Apple, also please put a crown on the AirPods case

So people can finally get rid of their phones and move to the AppleWatch and a pair of air pods for good

let’s make things more enjoyable!

Author: Usman Gondal

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