the most powerful number system remains undiscovered—until now—why are we not teaching our children to count in exponentials?

why are we not teaching our kids to count in exponential growth

this is how life multiplies

given the right temperature and ph levels 2 micro organisms become 4, 4 become 8, 8 become 16 and so on

and we are still teaching our kids numbers in 2,3,4,5 a linear fashion

this is how herds of sheep grow

given the relative presence of disease resistance, climate and rain, 2 sheep can very quickly grow to become 2,000 sheep

and we are still teaching our kids to count from 2 to 10

this is how users on a 2 sided consumer internet marketplace grow, Facebook and linkedin are prime examples

given the right amount of mimetic clusters become aware of each other 200,000 users can very quickly become 20,000,000 users

and we are still teaching our kids to count from 2 to 10

you see, we should be optimising for thinking frameworks

thinking about thinking is the best sort of thinking

when you were taught in school to count linearly, it became a foundational thing, it stuck with you until you discovered all change in nature is exponential

even when it ‘looks’ linear, the derivative i.e the result is always exponential

hence I propose a new number system, the exponential number system

where we will teach our kids to count in steps of 1.6x the golden ratio

we might as well call this the golden number system

irb(main):016:0> 16.times {p (n=n*1.61).round(2)}

















=> 16 (I see an inordinate number of primes in this series)

with this, our children will know why the initial steps produce initial results

and the results will compound, exponentially

so they will keep going knowing big breakthroughs are around the corner

1 thing I’m certain of, I think this will have big impact, this is totally worth it

this is like doing an 80/20 on the entire learning process

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