🎧 this asset class is immune to inflation—forever

So all of a sudden, I’m listening to the all in podcast. And I just get this epiphany of why there’s going to be this huge inflation. Because there’s a lot of disposable income with the baby boomer generation. And the millennials are going to inherit that. And they are just not taking up low cost labour jobs, the millennials are going to have so much money, that they’re not going to have to work. And then all of that money is going to chase too few goods.

And when that happens, every everything’s going to go up, there’s going to be a huge inflation cycle. Or someone is going to create a huge Twitter, army of bots, is going to weasel these millennials into dumping all that money into crypto, which is a black hole. The money supply is going to become less, because Millennials and Gen Z are going to put their money into crypto. And hence inflation is going to be contained.

But in a free market, eventually people are going to understand that money has 10x less value within the next five years, it’s going to have 10x less value within the next five years. So people are going to start hoarding tangible things which maintain value. It’s going to be things which have tangible value, like things made up of precious metals. Things made up of wood, like lumber prices are gonna go up just because you know, lumber is tangible. It’s it holds value. And so does mechanical watches. Leather stuff. Steel, I think I think steel prices are gonna go up so fast, that governments across the earth are going to have to subsidise steel prices, just so the construction industry can actually keep moving. This is the epiphany. And I think and you know what, the only thing which is gonna be the most inflation proof is was and will be fruit agriculture. Yeah, think about that. Because fruit is a consumable. It’s new every season.

Everybody wants to eat it. It’s a status symbol. And anybody who affords they’re gonna buy it. So meat, fruit and organic produce. The prices are going to go up, fishing industry is going to see a boom, because seafood prices are going to go up, people are going to start to consume more, because Millennials have so much money, they’re gonna, you know, want to eat more. And at the same time, millennials are perhaps the biggest consumers and the biggest producers of DTC brands. And that means that there’s going to be a lot more DTC brands, there’s going to be a lot more fragmentation in, in consumerism because a lot of people are trying to find meaning. They take up these hobbies which they want to turn into businesses. So that’s one more thing. So yeah, fruits are fruit gardens are the most inflation proof. They’re basically immune to inflation. Food agriculture is immune to inflation. And even within fruits. Fruits, which can be dried and preserved, are even better. Like for instance, grapes, pomegranates, plumes, all the things that can be dried and preserved.

So I think we’re going back to the mean full circle. Now. This entire information age is fueling a fragmentation. At such a connected scale, that the only historical precedents for this would be centralised empires of old, which had good enough infrastructure which led to massive growth and massive trade. This time this trade is going to be at the biggest scale humanity perhaps has seen before. And it’s going to be amazing. And I think this is going to create more abundance in the end, but there’s going to be a period of 2030 years where Millennials are going to have to bear the this change of inflationary cycle. So yeah, buy real estate and you if can buy it with Bitcoin all the best.

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