the man behind BluBlocker—what your business can learn from this direct response legend

Joe Sugarman is a legendary business builder

the guy invented the BluBlocker sunglasses, wrote print ads and directed video ads for the whole thing

with his own money

a master DTC business builder

you should learn from him

he is amazing

every time I listen to his interviews

I feel amazing

isn’t that what we all want?

feeling good makes you do good stuff

which leads to social validation

which is a loop

a powerful one

so if you’re into building positive roi systems

take a listen to this

“and prepare to have your mind blown, I really don’t say, that lightly”—at about 3:09 mark

my #1 big takeaway from this interview is, curiosity driven headlines are the most powerful #2 reciprocity is the biggest driver of sales #3 using a dotted line around the order form increases sales by 20%

what do you think?

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