I feel like creating a metric—let us call it—the first principles index

it’s easy, you find the part of human condition your product is addressing

for instance, if your product is Linkedin, it addresses “economic opportunity”

then you find the percentage of users’ who end up with better economic opportunity within 1 year of creating their LinkedIn profile

the question then becomes, how do you quantify this percentage, well that’s easy, you use the 80/20 

if 20% of all users achieve this, you have an amazing product   

if 16% of all users achieve this, and the next year this number doesn’t grow, your investment thesis was based on a transient condition

if only 4% users achieve this, the product most probably needs a pivot

what do you think of this metric?

I feel like creating more metrics—to quantify “economic opportunity” 

all economic opportunity is a function of and a result of good sleep

sleep quality—if someone’s quality of sleep improves after joining Linkedin, they are better off in their life for sure. 

so let us define economic opportunity as better sleep. 

I think Linkedin usage data can easily predict sleep quality. 

what do you think?

Author: Usman Gondal


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