the twitter we all need & secretly yearn for plus this is how things will be in the future anyway

your attention is precious

not because it brings revenue to social media companies

because your attention brings you revenue

where you focus your attentionyour results will compound

if you focus your attention on your personal brand the prize is lifetime employability

if you focus your attention on your DTC brand the prize is priceless

if you focus your attention on a social cause the prize is generational

and social media apps are robbing you of focus

you must not let this happen

your future depends on it

you, I and many others like have turned off notifications from most apps

you, I and many others like us focus on the vital few and choose to let go of the trivial many

you, I and many others like us are time boxing our attention on these apps so we can get the most out of them

as opposed to these platforms getting the most out of us

this has become win-win situation for them

and a lose-lose situation for people like you and I

15 years from now, you and I will have taught everything you and I know to our children

and they will absolutely, utterly and completely detest notifications

they will most probably create a social network which optimises for both the user and the platform

without getting into the pointless discussion of creating decentralised social networks which people control—for which there is no historic precedence—which can never happen

you, I and many others like us will build a social network which works for us

I present unto you, the most insurmountable way for consuming content which optimises for positive outcomes only


it shall be a new twitter-full of intent

you will not see a feed of tweets

you will see faces of people you have chosen to follow

you will intentionally click on a person’s display picture if you want to see their tweets

total control

it shall be devoid of all algorithmae

the social networks let you remove posts and people from your feed

even then, the algorithm decides what you see

there will be no algorithms on this twitter

no more monetisation of your dopamine response

you will see only things you choose to see

this will be a natural system driven only by your intent

this method of letting people choose who they follow based on appearance

is not a new thing 

people have done this for thousands of years

this is same as love at first sight

this is same as going with your gut feeling

the is same as finding how well you vibe with someone

The is the most natural way to connect 

Since there are no pheromones on the internet to tell us how the other person vibes with you

The face is a reflection of a persons accumulated pheromone profile 

the only way to connect for you is to show the face 

this is 1 of the immutable aspects of the social condition

this is history

This will rank order people across twitter who are getting more clicks on their faces—just like in real life—who would’ve guessed?

you will have a final tab—it will say—news 

This will you show people’s faces who are tweeting content classified as news

When you click to expand one of these, you will be able to see the news they’re tweeting about

it will be amazing if you can add something to this concept by commenting below

—using first principles

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