Apple’s leverage—5 reasons Meta is done and Google is next

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, can no longer make money off people using Apple devices.

play time’s over—time to go home, son

You can touch, feel and even smell—the scent of a smartphone

You can not touch, feel or even smell—the scent of intangible software like Facebook. Whereas you can touch, feel and even smell—a smartphone, an AirPod and a wrist computer watch—physical things—no amount of advertising will change this. This is the reason Apple wins at technology—by making real things.

Apple owned the real estate while Facebook was a mere tenant and apple threw them out

Meta’s earning report shows people did not switch to android in order to see more relevant ads on Facebook—instead the advertisers switched to Google ads so they could reach the iPhone users with their ads. The markets have corrected because of this 1 reason.

Google pays Apple a tribute

Google will be next because Google is already paying Apple a tribute to the tune of about $9 Billion. Advertising is doing a full circle and smart marketers—are moving away from ‘vanishing’ ads and moving towards persistent channels like SMS, email and physical mail. This transition will not happen in 5 years—it will take about 20 years to complete—it seems like Alphabet is oblivious to this.

What happens to the brilliant advertising experts at Meta

I will put 20% of all my wealth in a company which wants to become the Meta of the physical world. A social network which understands the fact pheromones play the decisive role in connecting the world—it’s called Starbucks. If you want to start, invest in and operate the next big advertising company, it will be this company and you will need the expertise of these people. In an outrageous move, Meta could choose to admit this and make the biggest pivot in the history of online business by announcing, they will now connect the world physically. If Mark Zuckerberg does this, he will go out in history as one of the most even-headed entrepreneurs in history.

The only way for Google to remain relevant will be to buy these 5 keys businesses

  1. a Klayvio for postcards
  2. an autonomous vehicle direct mail delivery company
  3. Spotify or whoever wins the audio wars
  4. clubhouse and @getcallin by @DavidSacks
  5. and a company nobody is building yet ->

Author: Usman Gondal

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