Antifragile Interest Rates—How to accelerate the path towards recession, so there will not be a recession

Sun Tzu in the art of war says, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest path to victory”, let us not go for the slowest path, let us get some tactics to accelerate towards the goal. 

because the ‘globalisation’ is rolling back due to recent events, a lot of businesses will become unviable and a lot of new business will become viable 

many economies are experiencing the pain of ‘going back’ to domestic production, their populations have grown so accustomed to luxury they are unwilling to go back to work 

hence the 11 million open jobs in the US with no one to take them 

this change will generational, while these millennials will live off the savings they inherit from their parents, their kids will have to bear the brunt, the next generation will be similar to the one raised by in the 60’s by largely irresponsible parenting  

during this 40 year process, the stagflation will linger on and cause decision fatigue at the worldwide level

theoretically, there is 1 way to accelerate this 

anti fragile interest rates 

negative interest rates for a period, and 0% interested rates for a period

of course this will wipeout a lot of working capital

this will also wipe out a lot of ’empty capital’ i.e inflation 

this will create incentive to get out there and start new businesses 

and the next cycle will begin 

if this is not done sooner, in the end the middle class will have to take most of the correction 

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