Hey! Watch the Aluminum Apple—It’ll keep you firmly grounded.

Mom! Watch the scooter! the scooter’s gonna fall over!—said the little girl looking the scooter in the cafe.

No, no it won’t… its fastened up there… with something… replied the mother probably wondering the same thing.

This is how I felt when I first saw the iMac—It felt like it’s going to fall over or fall down sideways.

I think there’s a reason deep within the human preception for this phenomena and it’s got everything to do with space & proportion.


the human brain absolutely detests uncertainty—anything and everything which is not firmly grounded, stable or unable to keep its ground in the face of change alarms us—because it’s an environmental hazard.

The little girl instinctively understood this and announced for everybody to listen and I agree with her.

If you put the scooter down and make it stand on firm ground, the girl would probably like to have a picture taken with the scooter—win win for the cafe and the the little one.

In the same way, if you extend the base of the iMac so the base is 0.618 times as wide as the screen. Instead of startling the onlooker, you will inspire them.

Watch the Aluminum Apple—it’ll keep you firmly grounded. Like the bottom line is keeping the top line firmly grounded.

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