The 9 Principles of Innovation by Usman Gondal

Writing helps, instrumentally.

And inspiration comes at times and places you initially did not foresee.

Especially at the very end of deep work sprints, the time when you feel exhausted, the time when you’ve been literally dreaming every night the same thing—inspiration comes.

As I created a newspaper to launch my latest brand, Biryanchi, the best chicken rice and spice on the earth putting your happiness first.

I wrote about the common themes in all innovative products and services and distilled them down to 9 Principles—writing them down in Biryanchi Times filling the foundation for the book with the same title.

The 9 Principles of Innovation by Usman Gondal which you can use to Innovate and build your business.

  1. It’s All In The Name <
  2. Discovering the Market
  3. Creating A Category
  4. Becoming Self Advertising
  5. Flowing Downhill—Water Doesn’t Flow Up The Mountain
  6. Loving Your Customer
  7. Creating A Net Positive Experience
  8. Employeeing happiness first
  9. Investing In The Vital Few

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