The Secret Of The Golden Spiral In Advertising—The Ogilvy Dove Print Ad From 1950’s

Study the precedence... it is as if I could hear David Ogilvy say these words as I’ve made a habit of frequenting only the most eloquent, interesting and fruitful conversations on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, I think YouTube will go down in history as an event as significant as the invention of the printing press.

Coming back to the point, as I sat designing the 1 page iOS app for Biryanchi I was reminded of all the successful Ads from Ogilvy.

And what is an iOS app if an advert?

And suddenly the thought came to my mind, why don’t I take the golden spiral and overlay it on the phone screen and design thenceforth? So I took the golden spiral and overlaid in the Ogilvy Dove Ad which contains more suggestion than coherent prose.

The result, speaks for itself.

Designers of yore were good, damn good.

Author: Usman Gondal

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