1000 New Businesses—Beyond The 1 Trillion Dollar Mark

For the full article, you will have to lay your hands on the print edition of Biryanchi Times, a news paper I’m using to launch Biryanchi

Dear Millennial Entrepreneur, Biryanchi Times aims to create not 1, but 1000 net positive experiences. To that end—I will be sharing the 9 Principles of Innovation—which you can use to improve your business.

The 9 Principles of Innovation By Usman Gondal are:

  1. It’s All In The Name <
  2. Discovering the Market
  3. Creating A Category
  4. Becoming Self Advertising
  5. Flowing Downhill—Water Doesn’t Flow Up The Mountain
  6. Loving Your Customer
  7. Creating A Net Positive Experience
  8. Employeeing happiness first
  9. Investing In The Vital Few

Dear Millennial Entrepreneur, by standing by your side and telling your story—Biryanchi aims to create a cascading net positive effect on the world economy by inspiring 1000 new businesses in Pakistan as you and I, the current generation of Entrepreneurs are handed the baton of innovation by the preceding generation of Entrepreneurs.

With each of these 1000 businesses including the one you are building is set to be valued at, at least 100 million dollars With Net Value Creation Set To Exponentially Exceed The 1 Trillion Dollar Mark.

We Must Create New Categories, Design New Products And Fashion New Experiences— making the world more abundant than we found it.

Author: Usman Gondal


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