The Story of The Name Biryanchi

People Are Asking How The Biryanchi Name Came To Be And What It Means—here’s The Full Story. Enjoy!

Have you felt, upon hearing a new word—as if you already know the meaning? Oh my God! Yes! This happened to me!

It started in a YC SuS Pakistan cohort discussion when one of
the members remarked—its all in the name —and this sentence started to resonate with me.

It really is, all in the name—I thought.

I think we’re all interconnected—We come with the same semantic dictionary written into our subconscious regardless of the colour of our skin—and all the names which have appeared and all the names which will appear in the future are already in us.

One example of this phenomena is the word Daughter in English, the word Tohter in middle high German and the word Dukhtar in Urdu—you will be surprised to hear this word is pronounced in the exact same way in all three languages. Three different people, three different regions, three different languages—the same meaning.

If an Urdu speaker heard a middle high German say this word—they’ll immediately understand the meaning. I’m sure there’s many more examples like this.

We’re more similar, more interconnected and more alike than we are willing to acknowledge.

Feeling this—I set sail on a voyage of discovery towards the archipelago of undiscovered names—towards a place called the Islands of chi—because Biryanchi has Chicken in it.

As I reached the archipelago of undiscovered names—a strong wind filled my sails taking me around the chi-long bay overlooking the Islands—hearkening me onwards I saw—emerging on the horizon—a beautiful Island—I sailed forth arriving at the Island—making port on the beautiful natural harbour and laid claim to it—Biryanchi—I said.

As I Told More People About Biryanchi—the Name Seemed To Come Naturally To The Tongue—At this moment I knew I had rediscovered a name deep within the human conscience.

I had rediscovered Biryanchi. (Biryanchi Flag)

And thus, Biryanchi was named. This is why we call research, re-search, because it’s searching which exists—in us—all we need is ask for inspiration. To sum it up, your brand name should have 3 attributes.

  1. It should be a word which you think should emerge in the world—with verb potential— a new word to be added to the dictionary—like Biryanchi
  2. It should be semantically intuitive—transcending languages—like Biryanchi
  3. It Should Be Easy For The Tongue To Say, For The Heart to See And For The Brain To Feel—creating a net positive
    experience—like Biryanchi

And thusly is summarised the first principle of Innovation by Usman Gondal—it’s all in the name.

Or perhaps all of this is a post rationalisation and i’m the smitten kid hung up on the girl who called me usmanchi

About The Author: The Author Is A Serial Entrepreneur Based In Islamabad And The Founder Of Biryanchi—he Can Be Reached Via

Author: Usman Gondal

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