Biryanchi, from the Bay of Bengal to the Bosphorous Bridge and Beyond

Biryanchi the name is immediately understood.

Dear Reader, I’m stoked to share with you, the print ready version of my very first physical product launch campaign. 

the idea is to distribute a fictional newspaper to launch Biryanchi, the best chicken rice and spice on the earth. 

the brand name is semantically transcendent of languages spoken form the Bay of Bengal to the Bosphorous Bridge and Beyond, the region where Biraynchi is eaten. 

the brand tagline is “makes you happy”

about the brand. 

the brand is inspired from McDonalds, the Biryanchi cooking process is completely hand-off, can very well be automated by a robot. The recipe is set and the process does not require, in essence any human intervention. For those who understand subcontinental cuisine, this is a big deal, since subcontinental cuisine is among the most complicated on earth. If there was 1 culinary curiosity which could be automated, Biryanchi would be the easiest one to do. 

the brand is also inspired from RedBull, Biryanchi is in a way performance food, (not for the lactose intolerant) since every portion contains 200gms of high quality hormone free yogurt. yes, there’s a super successful brand in Pakistan called Prema doing hormone free dairy products. (This might come as a surprise to some, Pakistan is the 5th largest nation on earth in terms of number of people. Also, Pakistan is home to 80% of Punjab, 1 of the leading bread baskets on earth and one of the largest producers of rice on the earth)

the branding is also inspired from Nike, while Nike honours great athletes, Biryanchi honours the Millennial, in a way each millennial is a startup. 

the branding is also inspired from Apple, similarly. 

I’m the first customer of Biryanchi, as my body does not take kindly to gluten or vegetable oils. 

Biryanchi is setting the standard for how chicken, rice and spice is consumed not just in the region this culinary masterpiece is native to, i.e from the Bay of Bengal to the Bosphorous Bridge. 

Rather, for the whole world. 

Author: Usman Gondal

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