Alchemy doesn’t work in commodity business

Obituary: Rest in Peace, Biryanchi بریانچی

I founded you to hit a certain number in profits each day 

to carve a niche from KFC and Savour at the same time

I was wrong 

you were premium Biryani 

but I came to know, commodities are never premium 

CAC for 1 user via fb ads was Rs 1,500

and LTV spread over a year was Rs 5,000

and to service a single delivery the cost was Rs 120

and margins were in teens 

every time I will eat Biryani or Biryani will be mentioned 

I shall remember you as the case which taught me that alchemy doesn’t work in the food commodity business

perhaps it does in cosmetics for Maybelline Cosmetics

perhaps it does in apparel for Supreme

perhaps it does for Ogilvy in advertising 

it doesn’t work, in food commodities 

rest in peace for you a business as good as Uber and Airlift 

folks, pay your respects here

and remember, don’t hang on to lukewarm business cases 

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