Wealth Increase is a game of Net Positives vs Net Negatives

Wealth is nothing more than stored energy. The more net positives you create with your wealth, the more it will come back to you. 

Even when you’re spending on yourself. 

This example of feeding the hungry nails this, because the next day they go out and use the energy from the food and create wealth for their families, and in turn, and the exact same amount of wealth will end up on your plate, at least 10 times over.

Then, you either repeat the process and become wealthier, or become stingy, create MORE net negatives THAN net positives and your wealth will decrease.

Do you think the world will work as it does if net positives didn’t reinforce? 

This is why when you see a stagnant wealth situation, you will find the wealth is being used to create net negatives, and not net positives 

Hence, the lesson is simple, make sure you create more net positives than you do net negatives.

Some of the huge net positives when spending on yourself are.

Eating more Meat is a proven net positive (Every mega successful person does this. Look at what they’re doing, not what they’re saying)

Wearing Good Clothes is a proven net positive, they put everyone who looks at you in a net positive state. 

Perfumery (get a Creed Aventus if you haven’t already)

Riding (common thing in mega successful people and community, go watch a YouTube of video of a horse in full gallop, fell what it to your body, now you know why RL Polo sells, why Ferrari sells even though it sucks)


Travel To and live in places where there are more net positives than net negatives. (there’s a reason travel is associated with status, it is a huge net positive)

and finally, be nice to everyone you meet, have the mission to positively impact everyone you meet, and create net positives for others.

They will come back to you for sure.

So, the next time you create a cold loom, make it a net positive experience for you and for the reader. 

the next time you write copy, yes when you write copy, make it a net positive for the prospect. 

the next time you go media buying, make it a net positive for the platform. 

all natural systems only reinforce net positives. 

all digital systems are modelled off natural systems, as long as they’re reinforcing positives, they’re growing. As soon as they start reinforcing negatives, they stop growing. Same goes for your personal brand, your apparel company (remember what happened to balenciaga when it reinforced net negatives?) your funnel landing page, your shopify store and the list goes on.  

THAT is how the world, really works.

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