The Biggest info product on the internet is crowdsourced—it’s Name is Facebook.

come to think of it people, the biggest businesses on the internet are all info businesses. 

Instagram is an info business, you pay with your dopamine to know what’s going on in other people’s lives 

Linkedin is an info businsses, you pay with your serotonin to lift and see who’s lifting who’s 

Twitter is an info businesses, one of the few net positive ones

Expedia, is an info business is an info business 

and the list goes on and on and on 

You wanna know what’s even more amazing?

Collage Education is an info business  

Medicine is an info business

Mckinsey BCG & Bain are also info businesses. 

And guess what?

Google is in the info business, ChatGPT is, in the info business. 

So, if you’re selling an info product, know you’re in good company.

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