The Real Reason Super Bowl Ads Work—Nobody’s told you this before

Sam Loves Kebab and Rice

Sam loves eating Kebab and Rice, his first memory of eating Kebab is when he was 1, his mom feeding him a piece of Kebab while he played with rice in his dad’s lap.

This is one of the happiest memories of Sam’s life. 

Sam is 21 today, and everytime he feels a bit down, he orders Kebab and Rice because it makes him feel good. 

You’re an e-commerce business owner, you’re sell sneakers and Sam is your ideal customer. You’re running your ad 24×7. The Ad is shown to Sam at 3pm when he just got out of a meeting, he’s exhausted and needs a break. 

Here for your ad to convert, your ad will have to 1. undo the cognitive fatigue Sam is in right now 2. make him consider your offer. 99% chance, Sam clicks away from your offer. 

Your competitor on the other hand, knows Sam loves to eat Kebab and Rice and he eat’s it for dinner. They run their ad on dinner time. And guess what, Sam is having Rice and Kebab for dinner, he’s feeling the best he’s felt all day. Sam is at his highest point of Serotonin in the entire day. He watches the sneaker ad and impulse buys it. 

Your competitor’s CPA = $15

youre thinking its the copy, you’re thinking its the creative and on and on… What you don’t know is, Sam, loves to eat Kebab and Rice for dinner.  

While Sam is unique there’s 1 thing we all share, Dinner. This is why Super Bowl Ads work so well and this is why prime time TV ads are the most expensive. 

And Youtube and Facebook are next.

The question is, Is your Store and Funnel ready for this?

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