Alchemy doesn’t work in commodity business

Obituary: Rest in Peace, Biryanchi بریانچی

I founded you to hit a certain number in profits each day 

to carve a niche from KFC and Savour at the same time

I was wrong 

you were premium Biryani 

but I came to know, commodities are never premium 

CAC for 1 user via fb ads was Rs 1,500

and LTV spread over a year was Rs 5,000

and to service a single delivery the cost was Rs 120

and margins were in teens 

every time I will eat Biryani or Biryani will be mentioned 

I shall remember you as the case which taught me that alchemy doesn’t work in the food commodity business

perhaps it does in cosmetics for Maybelline Cosmetics

perhaps it does in apparel for Supreme

perhaps it does for Ogilvy in advertising 

it doesn’t work, in food commodities 

rest in peace for you a business as good as Uber and Airlift 

folks, pay your respects here

and remember, don’t hang on to lukewarm business cases 

The Secret Of The Golden Spiral In Advertising—The Ogilvy Dove Print Ad From 1950’s

Study the precedence... it is as if I could hear David Ogilvy say these words as I’ve made a habit of frequenting only the most eloquent, interesting and fruitful conversations on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, I think YouTube will go down in history as an event as significant as the invention of the printing press.

Coming back to the point, as I sat designing the 1 page iOS app for Biryanchi I was reminded of all the successful Ads from Ogilvy.

And what is an iOS app if an advert?

And suddenly the thought came to my mind, why don’t I take the golden spiral and overlay it on the phone screen and design thenceforth? So I took the golden spiral and overlaid in the Ogilvy Dove Ad which contains more suggestion than coherent prose.

The result, speaks for itself.

Designers of yore were good, damn good.

The 9 Principles of Innovation by Usman Gondal

Writing helps, instrumentally.

And inspiration comes at times and places you initially did not foresee.

Especially at the very end of deep work sprints, the time when you feel exhausted, the time when you’ve been literally dreaming every night the same thing—inspiration comes.

As I created a newspaper to launch my latest brand, Biryanchi, the best chicken rice and spice on the earth putting your happiness first.

I wrote about the common themes in all innovative products and services and distilled them down to 9 Principles—writing them down in Biryanchi Times filling the foundation for the book with the same title.

The 9 Principles of Innovation by Usman Gondal which you can use to Innovate and build your business.

  1. It’s All In The Name <
  2. Discovering the Market
  3. Creating A Category
  4. Becoming Self Advertising
  5. Flowing Downhill—Water Doesn’t Flow Up The Mountain
  6. Loving Your Customer
  7. Creating A Net Positive Experience
  8. Employeeing happiness first
  9. Investing In The Vital Few

Hey! Watch the Aluminum Apple—It’ll keep you firmly grounded.

Mom! Watch the scooter! the scooter’s gonna fall over!—said the little girl looking the scooter in the cafe.

No, no it won’t… its fastened up there… with something… replied the mother probably wondering the same thing.

This is how I felt when I first saw the iMac—It felt like it’s going to fall over or fall down sideways.

I think there’s a reason deep within the human preception for this phenomena and it’s got everything to do with space & proportion.


the human brain absolutely detests uncertainty—anything and everything which is not firmly grounded, stable or unable to keep its ground in the face of change alarms us—because it’s an environmental hazard.

The little girl instinctively understood this and announced for everybody to listen and I agree with her.

If you put the scooter down and make it stand on firm ground, the girl would probably like to have a picture taken with the scooter—win win for the cafe and the the little one.

In the same way, if you extend the base of the iMac so the base is 0.618 times as wide as the screen. Instead of startling the onlooker, you will inspire them.

Watch the Aluminum Apple—it’ll keep you firmly grounded. Like the bottom line is keeping the top line firmly grounded.

If Mark Zuckerberg does this—he will go out as the most even-headed entrepreneur in the history of electronic business.

In an outrageous move, Meta could choose to admit this and make the biggest pivot in the history of electronic business by announcing, they will now connect the world physically.

What happens to the brilliant advertising experts at Meta? They ‘get real’—the world needs a new social network, not an electronic social network, a ‘real’ one.

A social network which understands pheromones play the decisive role in connecting the world—(by the way it’s called Starbucks.) In an outrageous move, Meta could choose to admit this and make the biggest pivot in the history of electronic business by announcing, they will now connect the world physically. If Mark Zuckerberg does this, he will go out as one of the most even-headed entrepreneurs in the history of electronic business.

The Power of Analogy

Disclaimer: this post is not nutritional advice—consult a licensed professional before you go on a diet

some context, below is a subheading from the Biryanchi Post, breaking the news of a supermom she lost weight because she ate rice for 5 days straight i.e she cut gluten from her diet

now read the following subheadings

This is easier than keto—and my mood improves so muchit turns me into a butterfly

This is easier than keto—and my mood improves so much

the former has more story appeal than the latter—the former inspires you to think—and what is value creation if not inspiration

Analogies are to normal sentences, what pictures with story appeal are to pictures without

why should you write—because it’s a net positive experience

writing is magical—it clears your thinking, makes you feel light and transfers the weight from your shoulders on to the paper.

all value is created with inspiration, writing is inspires, writing is a net positive experience.

have you observed, every industry associated with writing is recession proof—it’s because net positive experiences create abundance, not recession do—writing is story telling—story telling is value creation—value creation is abundance.

Biryanchi becomes the first brand on earth to publish their own fictional newspaper

the Biryanchi Post—first draft

The Biryanchi بریانچی Post

“Announcing the Standard—

The Standard Biryanchi Meal” 

I’ll get myself a new fridge for all the other stuff

Miriam O’Chaudhary, Mrs Fardia’s gori bahu says the Standard Biryanchi Meal is the best chicken, rice and spice she ever had—Mrs Farida is happy because she thinks the next generation is now saved from khasma nu khaanay burger

Mrs Farida has finally allowed her beloved bahu to stock the entire fridge with the Standard Biryanchi Meal—I’ll get myself a new fridge for all the other stuff—she said  

Miriam has become the first Biryanchi Connoisseur of her circle after she shared the picture of the fridge to all her friends.

(Add a name plate and a rider delivering biryanchi)

Biryanchi saves the day again at Fareed’s

I always order Biryanchi when I have guests from abroad—they love it to bits and I don’t have to cook anything—remarked Mrs Fehmida 

She has always been the smart one, the most saleeqa shuaar and always the first in adopting the brands—said Mrs Fehmida’s mother while chewing on her 90th helping of paan

Mujhay Bachpan se hi yaqeen tha meri ye bachchi bohot ooper jaye gee—she added

Nai naveeli dulhan can’t sleep until she’s had Biryanchi

Mrs Cheema’s youngest, happiest and most laadli bahu Emilia Ehsan, has developed her first “susral wali habit”—and it’s a delicious one—Biryanchi. She seems to crave it each evening and sleeps only after she’s had her daily fix. 

My bahu is addicted to Biryanchi remarked Mrs Cheema—outrageous!—sab kaam khud karti thi mein jab nai dulhan thee—ye larkia to siraf thooons sakti heyn bas 

Biryanchi has let us bond together as a family, It’s mine and Emilia’s comfort food—said Arwa, Emilia’s sister in law.

Super Mom loses 1.2 pounds after eating Biryanchi for 5 days in a row—rumors

—Mrs Ayaan, a resident of sector M, a proud member of the super mom club and an all around awesome person has become the first among her friends to discover this amazing effect of Biryanchi.

She thinks the change came when she let go of gluten in her diet and ate rice daily for 5 days—“During my journey of achieving this goal of epic proportions, Biryanchi has always been by my side, in my fridge and in my heart”—said Mrs Ayaan after stacking her fridge with12 Biryanchi Standard Meals.

Mrs Ayaan is the first Biryanchi Connoisseur of the super mom club.   


(Nanima’s face in a frame on top right with standard biraynchi meal in her hands like a trophy, picture of the coupe on the bottom right, handkerchief on the bottom right)

Nanima “travels in time” 3 seconds after she takes her first bite of Biryanchi

It was the best Biryanchi I had in my life in the train parlour on my way to Rawalpindi from Hyderabad Deccan said nanima after she took her first bite of Biryanchi—it was a journey across the entire subcontinent said nanima—I was travelling as the newlywed with your nana as we boarded our coupe at Deccan.

As we made our first stop in Rajhistan I had started getting hungry—as we crossed Multan we were served Biryanchi—upon inquiring, the chef told us—it’s been sitting on dum whence we left Deccan Ma’am—and this was the first time I tasted this heavenly chicken rice and spice—her eyes twinkling with love, her smile as broad as the horizon and her voice trembling with emotion like a volcano about to erupt.

Only now—after 50 long years have I tasted something as amazing as this—it was this day I became the Biryanchi Connoisseur of my circle—now bring me more Biryanchi she said—gently wiping tears of happiness with her famous nanima handkerchief—a brocade of crimson and gold.  

Mahira discovers the Biryanchi glow—calls her Nutritionist  bestie    

Mahira Mustehsen, a resident of Sector A has discovered every time she has Biryanchi for dinner she wakes up a the next morning with a red glow about her rukh-e-anwar—to find out more about this beautiful phenomena—she called her nutritionist bestie Amber.

Hello Amber! 

Hi Mahira!—Amber you wouldn’t believe what I found, the best chicken rice and spice on the earth and it’s giving me the glow. Really? Said Amber—What’s the brand called—asked Amber incredulously. The brand is Biryanchi and they deliver only in DHA 2 Amber, you’re going to have to come over to my place—Said Mahira—*1 hour later*—This better be the best Chicken Rice and Spice I’ve ever had in my life Mahira—It took me 40 minutes to get here all the way from the other side of the city—Said Amber

I kid you not Amber this really is the best chicken Biryanchi on the earth—Said Mahira.

As soon as Amber’s taste buds were met with the first bite of Biryanchi—the succulent texture, the rich umami and the depth of spices took her to a beautiful place—a place of early morning sunshine, freshly mown grass and and a clear blue sky—Amber was in culinary heaven. 

Pour the thick Zeera Raita on your Biryanchi Amber—and take few slices of the full wholesome cucumber with your bite—Said Mahira 

Amber poured the thick Zeera Raita on her Biryanchi with cucumber slices and took a bite—the crunchiness of the wholesome cucumber, the spice of the crushed green chillies and the tangy-creamy goodness of the thick Zeera Raita made Amber’a tastebuds go wild! 

Mahira! Said Amber struggling to catch her breath—Why didn’t you tell me about Biryanchi earlier—remarked Amber—I think I’m already getting the glow Mahira. 

*the next day*—Mahira! I got the glow, I got the glow, I got the glow! Amber’s voice was uncontrollably shaking with glee—See, I told you, said Mahira. It’s the plums, did you notice the pair of plums when you opened your Standard Biryanchi Meal? Said Amber—they’ve got so much iron in them which lets your body make red blood cells—it’s the plums which give you the glow Mahira.  

(Add pics of raita)

 Why the Standard Biryanchi Meal is served with One wholesome cucumber and two servings of thick Zeera Raita

Arwa Sugarcane, a resident of Sector A, is known in her circle as the Connoisseur of Haute taste, for her chic fashion sense and her sprezzatura is in love with Biryanchi. 

The Standard Biryanchi Meal is always served with one wholesome cucumber and two servings of thick Zeera Raita— It makes for a crunchy experience, heightens the taste and keeps you hydrated all throughout the day. The potent mix of 12 secret spices of Biryanchi work best when you consume one wholesome cucumber with the Standard Biryanchi meal. 

I’d expect no less from the best Chicken Biryanchi brand on the earth—and their cucumber and raita game is in a league of its own—what would I do if it wasn’t for the Standard Biryanchi Meal—Said Arwa

(Add trophy to the picture—Zain vs Behram tekken style with  tournament tree map) 

Gym goers debate whether Biryanchi makes a better pre or post workout meal—holds tournament

The local Gym erupted with debate this Thursday when rival groups  challenged each other to a lifting tournament

Camp A is lead by Zain Zameendar who believes Biryanchi makes the best post-workout meal, while Camp B is lead by Behram Butt, who believes Biryanchi is a better pre-workout meal.

the 2 pc chicken in the Standard Biryanchi Meal contains more than 120 grams of protein which let’s your slow-twitch muscle fibres faster and prep you for the next day—Said Zameendar

It’s the best pre-workout meal because loading up the protein lets you push through on the farmers walk—Said Butt who is especially fond of the farmers walk.

During this tournament of epic proportions—each team will eat nothing but Biryanchi for the entire duration of the tournament.

The tournament is said to take place over a period of 5 days, where both the teams will compete on a 3 rep max of deadlifts, 3 rep max of squats and 5 laps of farmer’s walk from the mirror to the door—the names of the winning team will be added to the Gym’s wall of fame.

Busy Mom uses Biryanchi as bait to lure kids outdoors—ditches ‘nappy meal’

Mrs Afridi—a resident of sector C, is now at last is able to maintain healthy levels of screen time in her household, thanks to Biryanchi. 

Her kids love it more than ‘nappy meal’, her husband loves it more than the ‘nappy meal’ and she loves it more than the nappy meal—because let’s face it—having the ‘nappy meal nuffets’, the ‘plain-wich’ and ‘potato shreds’ with your kids is not as satisfying as sharing the juicy chicken bite and the wholesome cucumber slice and the succulent rice of the Standard Biryanchi Meal. 

plus each serving of the Standard Biryanchi Meal contains more than 120 grams of protein and 20 grams of probiotics—which is foundational for growing kids as well as their parents and their parents parents’

Now my kids play out in the sunshine because they get Biryanchi as a reward—this get’s them enough Vitamin D for the entire week which guarantees my kids are growing stronger bones—remarked a triumphant Mrs Afridi.

Momina Moves Meetings—streams Biryanchi over Zoom  

(Give her ethnic jewellery, put on gangsta glasses, tag momina, and tag fire as meetings)

Momina Moiz, a resident of Sector E, an obsessive collector of ethnic jewellery and a category design specialist working remotely for(yet another) food delivery startup in central Europe subsidising groceries for Gen Z waiting for autonomous EVs, perpetual sunshine and the invention of cold fusion to save the day which has been happening in the next 5 years for 20 years now—has become the first person to stream Biryanchi over a Zoom call showing it off to her colleague Olivia on the other side of the earth.

I wish I could end my workday at 6PM you know, after the meeting I got the best  sleep of my entire year because I took off at 5pm and did not expose my eyes to a screen for so long—Said Momina. 

I’ve told my boss “ag laavan teyrian majbooriaan nu” 🔥—and I’ve moved all my meetings to daylight hours. 

As a result of me taking this powerful step—I’m getting shinier, I’m staying hydrated all throughout the day and all the aunties are pestering my mom—she Said.

It’s the probiotics in Biryanchi, the one wholesome cucumber and the two servings of thick zeera raita—Biryanchi has become an essential in our household and the taste is heavenly—said Mrs Moiz, Momina’s mom.  

Anushey finds herself eating Biryanchi with chapati in the wee hours of the night

(Picture of chapati and biryanchi)

It’s so tasty I couldn’t resist—said Anushey a resident of Sector A as she found herself munching on Biryanchi with chapati in the wee hours of the night. 

You have to cut the Gluten Anushey, chapati is okay once in a fortnight. Haven’t I told you before, you can have all the Biryanchi you can eat without the chapati Anushey—said her mother indignantly after she found out.   

Change spice level biryanchi to taste level biryanchi 

Speak about the ingredients and standard same as you use in your home.

—Inside right—

Biryanchi becomes the first brand on earth to publish their own fictional newspaper—how the Biryanchi Post came to be.

(Airplane window with Biryanchi post and biryanchi standard meal)

As much as Biryanchi is a gastronomic contribution to the world, it is also a literary one in the form of the BiryanchiPost which serves the key purpose—introducing the reader with Biryanchi, a rediscovered category of Subcontinental Fast Food. 

How the Biryanchi post came about

The Biryanchi post is an exercise in category design, a cultural reference for historians in times to come and a piece of advertising history. 

It is a philosophical reduction of the sum of branding knowledge I’ve absorbed from the great brand builders like Jobs, Knight, Ogilvy, Ferris, Godin, Sugarman and Sutherland.

Value creation is about identity—entirely. When your product or service allows the customer to amplify their own identity—you will inspire them to do great things—and this is where value is created.

In essence, all value creation is, inspiration—and inspiration allows us to do great things and make the world better than we found it.

The Biryanchi post is inspired by Ogilvy’s idea of pictures with story appeal—stories about great people in our lives—these stories inspire us to make better choices—do great things and live a great life. 

The History of Biryanchi goes back 400 years—Biryanchi has been the culinary choice of adventurers, explorers and pioneers. These are the giants on shoulders of which we stand today—these are the people who inspire us—These are the great people who are still among us—and Biryanchi honours them.

the Father hitting the Gym to stay fit so his kids can have a healthy father—he’s a hero—and Biryanchi honours him. 

The mother, she goes to every length possible to craft the perfect life for her kids—she’s a hero and Biryanchi honours her. 

The daughter, she cares for her mother’s health and makes sure she eats what’s good for her health—she’s a hero and Biryanchi honours her.

The son who is home for dinner early so he can spend more time with his parents—he’s a hero and Biryanchi honours him.

The daughter in law who left her homeland 7 seas across the earth to live with a new family—all for love—she’s hero and Biryanchi honours her. 

The mother in law—her bahu wonder why she’s telling her how to do things all the time—it’s out of love for her son—she wants of her son’s life to be as well cared for as she cared for him when he was a little baby—she’s a super hero and Biryanchi honours her.

The grandfather who gave it his all to make life easier for the coming generation—He’s a super hero—and Biryanchi honours him.   

Biryanchi honours all of these great people—Biryanchi honours these pillars of our society—and this is what makes Biryanchi the best chicken Biryanchi on the earth.

How Biryanchi makes impact 

Biryanchi creates value by inspiring the current generation of great people to do great things—a foundation Biryanchi shares with the handful of great brands like Apple and Nike.

Apple honours the creative people who innovate, who change things who see things differently by making for them the best personal computers on the earth—Biryanchi honours them by bringing them the best Chicken Biryanchi on the earth so they can be at their absolute best. 

Nike honours great athletes who with their discipline and commitment inspire us to to be more athletic—Biryanchi honours them by bringing them the best Chicken Biryanchi on the earth so they can be at their best. 

Biryanchi post is a vehicle encapsulating these stories. These are my stories, these are your stories, these are our stories.

That’s what the advertising business is all about—big ideas—Ogilvy.

The pictures and the stories inspire the great people reading them to do achieve even greater things—sometimes we tend to forget how great we are and all we need is a little inspiration to do great things.

The Biryanchi post is an Usman Gondal original—for more information visit


“the First and only Biryanchi brand on the earth.”

Dear Connoisseur, 

I see the Biryanchi Post has reached your hands I trust all is well with you and your family—If you are reading this editorial, it means you want to hear more about the Biryanchi story—as it is, the first Biryanchi only brand on the earth. By receiving this, you have become a part of the first few, you have become a part of a culmination, you have become a part of culinary history—this is the story of Biryanchi—this is my story, this is your story, this is our story.

The Origins of Biryanchi

Nawab Mehboob Alam Khan of Hyderabad, the leading expert on the subject is of the opinion that Biryanchi started as “travel food” some 400 years—It was a time when people travelling in large groups riding animals like camels, horses, mules, donkeys and elephants needed an enjoyable way of making dinner. Early in the morning, they would marinate meat with yogurt, spices and layer it with rice in large pitchers—fastening the pitchers onto the animals. At sundown they put the pitchers on dum and made Biryanchi. 

Rediscovering a 400 year old tradition

Biryanchi today builds on the same tradition—honouring the same brave travellers among them, soldiers, businesspeople and industrialists who travelled the earth for their loved ones to bring them honour, wealth and abundance—indicating the cultural strength of our society with shared actions.

Biryanchi is an homage, a culinary tribute and a culmination of this tradition—the tradition taking care of our loved ones—the tradition of honouring the pillars of our society. The tradition of loving for the community what we love for our own selves because everyone in the community is important—we are all connected

During the rediscovery of this culinary masterpiece, each step has been walked with care, every aspect examined with passion and every preparation complete with compassion.

Honouring the pillars of our society

Biryanchi honours the mother who raised the kids, Biryanchi honours the father who stood by the children, Biryanchi honours the husband who diligently keeps the house on firm ground, Biryanchi honours the grandfather, the grandmother and so on. This is Biryanchi. 

Biryanchi makes impact by honouring great people, great inventors, great professionals and so forth by enabling them to eat extremely delicious and fully nutritious food—which enables them to live better lives—think better—and produce better. The impact is inordinate. Just like the impact of Apple is inordinate because it inspires creative people to do great things because it minimised decision fatigue. 

Just like the impact of Nike is inordinate because it inspires people to be more athletic, which helps them exercise more, which keeps them healthy which results in inordinate benefits for their family, their work and the society. 

Just like the Biryanchi impact is inordinate because it inspires people to eat better, which improves their health which results in inordinate benefits for their family, their work and the society. This way, Biryanchi safeguards, builds and carries the torch of this amazing cuisine invented by the great people of our society yesterday—who accomplished great things—and rediscovers this culinary masterpiece enjoyed by the heroes of yesterday to the heroes of today. 

Biryanchi allows people to enjoy great food and remain in peak mental and physical condition, which allows them make the world an even better place. This is the net positive experience at the heart of all value creation and the impact is inordinate.

The same approach which allowed Apple and Nike to give to the world amazing experiences—experiences which result in people creating a better world. Biryanchi enables people do great things. 

This is also how Apple makes impact

This is also how Nike makes impact  

This is how biryanchi makes an impact—this is the Biryanchi promise

Why the Biryanchi operating hours are 10 to 6

this makes sure we bring you the same amazing texture, taste and experience everyday—So you the Connoisseur can eat it for brunch when you like, have it for lunch as you like and get it early for dinner when you like—because we know you like to be early for dinner.    

Delivery Area marked on the map with Biryanchi Takeaway marked (done needs finishing) (the best chicken biryanchi on the earth as a tag on the top right corner of the map and biryanchi rooster repeating pattern) 

—inside left— 

How to order Biryanchi using WhatsApp—the only way you are able to order Biryanchi before the Biryanchi App goes live on the AppStore (done)—remove the price in chat

Tic tac toe (winner winner Biryanchi dinner to the left)

5 day Gluten Free challenge (template with marked areas for date)

Make a notes dump with gluten free days 

Gluten Free Days 

  1. Boiled rice with butter
  2. Home made pulao 
  3. Boiled rice with kebab 
  4. Fried Rice 
  5. Standard Biryanchi Meal 

On the Earth Entire, the Best Biryanchi hence, the Biryanchi Poem 

The chicken and the rice 

And the spice very nice 

Took my breath away 

So I had it again twice

Biryanchi is an emotion 

Like a pheasant, in motion 

Like the moon among the stars

Like the shore across the ocean  

For the Connoisseur, an addiction

For the uninitiated, mere fiction 

Full of juices and spices 

Such vivid depiction 

Made with such compassion

in a hearty fashion

Is hard to find elsewhere 

The Biryanchi, the passion

A preparation most intense 

Of taste, immense 

On the earth entire 

The best Biryanchi, hence  

What is biryanchi—biryanchi is a culinary contribution to the world—it is a rich taste, it is a wild emotion, it is addictive food. Built upon the recipe perfected by travellers over hundreds of years with a secret mix of 12 herbs and spices most potent and with ingredients most succulent, biryanchi is—truly a work of at, an experience most intense, an addiction of the Connoisseur.

All characters appearing in this advert are fictional and any similarity to any person is entirely coincidental.

BiryanchiPost is an original work by Usman Gondal

Add straps to the spine of the newspaper and at other places where it makes sense

About the author: the Author is a serial entrepreneur based in Islamabad and the Founder of Biryanchi 

Dimension 12.5×7.75

Eventhough Apple is slowly becoming a thing of yore after the introduction of things like the touch bar and now the island—intentionally designed to cause decision fatigue—the very thing Jobs spent cleansing the Apple ecosystem of—perhaps the ‘consultants’ have finally convinced Tim Cook that they’re worked in 3D bananas.      

“Apple joins the Navy—makes the Island”

tldr; remember the MacBook Touch Bar? 

The only reason Apple works the way it does is the Pareto principle. Apple does few vital things right which is a synonym for having to take few decisions to get a job done. 

Less decision fatigue is the single most important factor for success of individuals and of organisations alike in building a company and in opening an app responding to a message and coming back to the Home Screen. 

The island is a constant interruption—on top of that it’s a non physical interruption—on top of that it’s a contextually ‘aware’ interruption for every app—further exponentiating the situation. 

The island is a constant reminder to the subconscious mind to preempt incoming decisions and a constant anxiety of what the island will change into next. 

Listen Tim, the idea the consultants gave you about launching a low cost iPhone option which let you lift the top line might have been good—but when the consultants tell you to copy Samsung’s and create. more decision fatigue for your users in hopes of getting more sales—they’re wrong Tim. Here’s how to fix them, every time they tell you to make a decision like this—go watch this video again—I promise you, it will give you clarity and it will encourage you to take a stand for your users instead of making the iPhone look like the minutes of a committee. (listen and replace the word advertisement with product)

Tim, Even if all the Samsung’s and Google’s UX designers came together to intentionally design something as horrid as the island—the will fail to beat it—even though they seem to be complete naturals at creating decision fatigue.

Because the island and the Touch Bar made it all the way to production—I’m now convinced Apple has is becoming a bureaucratic, consultant-dependent, blundering machine where countless committees approved the very things Apple did not stand for—for a second time in 5 years. Marketing is about values—decision fatigue is not my value. I know people like Steve aren’t born every day, at least you could have studied the precedence. Good design is consistent design.